Terms of service

When you come into contact with the Mateison website, we collect and process some personal information about you. This happens in a number of ways:

• When you browse one of our websites (www.mateison.com and www.pilsakmens.lv). In this document, to keep things simple, we will use the word “website” to refer to one or all of these sites.

• When you purchase a product or products (referred to as “products”). 

This privacy policy description states that “Mateison” Ltd. (hereafter also known as Data Supervisor), Reg.nr. LV40103373486, Zemeņu Street 13, Salaspils, LV-2019, shall obtain, process and store the personal data of clients and people who visit the website. You can contact us about any matter relating to this Privacy Policy or how we handle your personal data at any time, simply by sending an email to the following address: info@mateison.com.

As Data Controller, Mateison is responsible for deciding how we collect and use your personal details and for what purposes.

1. Source and nature of the personal data we may collect

1.1 Browsing information

Our website is designed to capture certain personal data as part of its function and the transmission of such details is implicit as part of the protocols of Internet communication. Data is not collected in order to identify you but it is possible that, if it is combined with third party data, you could be identified. The type of data we refer to here includes your IP address, the name and domain of your device, the addresses in URI format (Uniform Resource Identifier) of requested resources, the time a request was made, the method used to make it to the server, the size of any file received in response to your request, the numerical code that indicates the status of the server response and other parameters related to your operating system. We only use such information to obtain anonymous statistics to help us better understand how our website is used and to ensure it functions correctly.

This data may be used to assign responsibility in the event of any cybercrime that is harmful to Mateison.

1.2 Information about your preferences

When you browse our website, make use of its functions and services or purchase Mateison products, we collect information about your browsing activity, the way you interact with our content, your preferences and any purchase(s) you make.

Information collected via cookies

Cookies are tiny text files that are sent by the websites you visit and are then stored on the device you use when you access those sites. When you return to a website, the browser calls up the stored cookies and resends the information to the site that originally created them.

Our website uses different types of cookies together with other technologies that read and archive information on your device so that we can carry out statistical analysis, for example. We do NOT use any cookies that could activate programs on your device, introduce any viruses or allow us to implement any form of spyware on it.

On our website you will find social media buttons or widgets, which are the icons you will recognise as belonging to social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. These make it possible for users on our website to reach and interact with those social networks with a simple click.

We use the following types of cookies:

Technical cookies. These enable the site to function as it should, including allowing you to access certain services. This category includes analytic cookies, session cookies and functional cookies. We use these to gather information, for example, about the number of visitors and how they use our website, or to analyse statistics about browsing patterns (this is anonymous) and to save your browsing preferences, for example the language you choose.

Technical cookies come into play without the consent of the user. 

2. Why we collect and process your data

Mateison collects, retains, uses and shares your personal details only for the purposes described in this section.

If you decide not to share your personal details with us or do not give us your consent to collect and process them, we will unfortunately be unable to provide some of our services. However, you will still be able to use our website, receive information (where we have sufficient details to provide it) and receive assistance from us, again within the limits of the information you share with us.

If you wish to make a purchase, however, there are certain details that we must have to complete your transaction and supply the product or products you have chosen, and these refer to invoicing and shipping.

We collect and process your data for the following purposes:

• for administration and accounting purposes to conclude a contract and to process purchases, maintenance services and customer care (such as delivery, bespoke requests, managing returns, maintenance and any repairs relating to products purchased);

• to process your purchase(s) and to provide a level of service that is as personalised and complete as possible, including responding to and dealing with requests for information and/or feedback;

• analytics and statistics;

• to comply with legal obligations, local and EU regulations (including anti-money laundering legislation), fraud prevention and to exercise rights in a court of law;

• for marketing and market research, to send you offers, commercial or promotional messages in the form of a newsletter. These messages will be sent only if you subscribe to our newsletter.

Lawful bases for collecting and processing data

Your personal details are handled in compliance with Privacy Legislation, which requires that there are legal requirements for doing so. Specifically:

• to process and conclude the purchase of products or services provided by Mateison, to engage with you in the pre-purchase phase of choosing products and services or to furnish online services;

• to enable Mateison to fulfill a legal obligation;

• if you provided your email address at newsletter subscription, we may send you information about new products via newsletters, unless you advise us that you do not want to receive such messages. In this case, you simply need to send a short email to the address info@mateison.com

3. How your details are processed and retained

Your personal details may be handled in paper form or through electronic means. They will also be processed in conformity with applicable security regulations and here we can specifically mention Article 32 of the GDPR. We adopt technical and organisational measures to protect your personal details from unauthorised sharing or access.

All our business partners and suppliers must assure us that they are able to guarantee that your personal details are protected in line with recognised international standards. Any Mateison employee, collaborative partner or third-party service provider who has access to your personal data is legally and contractually required to respect your confidentiality and privacy. 

How long we retain your data

Mateison retains your personal details for as long as we require them in order to fulfill the purpose for which they were obtained, in line with our internal policy. We have a general retention period of 10 years starting from the moment we originally collect your details, and we keep them for administrative and accounting purposes, unless there are particular circumstances where the applicable national law specifies different retention requirements. As a rule, we immediately destroy your details once we have achieved the purpose for which they were collected and used. However, the following categories of personal data are retained as described below.

Data relating to payments: Within the scope of any purchases of our products or services you may make, payment-related details will be retained until the payment is fully processed and all administrative and accounting obligations or formalities have been concluded, which also includes the expiry of the right of return and payment contestation periods.

Data necessary to safeguard our rights in a court of law: We retain data for a period that conforms with any potential restrictions imposed by law.

In all cases, for technical reasons, it may take up to 30 days from the deadlines described above to cease data handling and cancel or convert it into anonymous form.

3.1 How your data will be destroyed

In principle, any personal details held by Mateison in our role as Data Controller will be erased and destroyed within the timelines outlined above.

These details will not be used for any purpose other than those described in this document and will never be processed in any way that is not consistent with any applicable laws and regulations.

Any paper documents that contain your personal details will be shredded or destroyed using appropriate means to ensure that your data is impossible to retrieve.

Personal data held in electronic form will be erased via technological or technical means that ensures they can never be retrieved.

4. Recipients

4.1 Internal and external communication of personal data

Mateison will not sell your details nor will we share them with anyone else unless it is to fulfil one or more of the purposes described in this Privacy Policy or to meet lawful obligations.

Your personal details can only be accessed by Mateison staff members who are strictly authorised to do so (for example, Digital, CRM, Retail or IT personnel) and only where necessary. We may share your details with third parties in the following cases: (i) when requested to do so by regulations or laws relating to legitimate third parties, such as public bodies and authorities for institutional purposes, for example anti-money laundering, judicial processes; (ii) when required to do so by third parties involved in fraud prevention services.

We may also share your details with our service providers, for example those supplying services of a technical, technological or organisational nature, but only for purposes as indicated earlier in this document. Such service providers may include freelance consultants (individuals or businesses), delivery companies, marketing companies, payment systems providers etc. We can supply a full list of such parties upon request. We only share the details that are necessary to carry out the services in question and any third party is deemed to be responsible for processing your data in accordance with Article 28 of the GDRP, based on instructions received from Mateison. We would like to make it clear that Mateison does not share personal data for marketing purposes.

Your rights

As a data subject, you may exercise the rights regarding collection and handling of your data at any time.

Below is a description of those rights:

Right of access: You can request confirmation that we have collected and are using your data, and if so, you can ask us to provide access to the data we hold and to understand how it is being used. You may also ask us to provide a copy of that data.

Right of correction: You may ask us to correct, update or modify any out of date or inaccurate information, or to add additional details, which you may decide to do by providing an additional declaration.

Right to withdraw your consent: At any time, you may withdraw your consent for us to use your data for any purpose(s) you have previously agreed to (newsletter). When we receive your request, we will stop using your personal details for those specific purposes, but for other purposes we will continue to use them as provided for by the prevailing laws or regulations.

Right to erase your personal data (the right of oblivion): You may invoke this right in any of the following situations

(i) the purpose for which we hold or use the data has come to an end;

(ii) your data has been used illicitly;

(iii) to fulfil a legal obligation;

(iv) you object to your details being used (see “Right to object” below) and there is no legitimate reason that allows Mateison to continue using them.

If you ask us to erase your personal data, we will evaluate your request and, if it is legitimate, we will cancel your details in a timely manner.

Right to restrict the use of your personal data: There are certain cases in which you can request restrictions regarding how your data is used. This means that your details may be held but not used (apart from any particular requests by you and any exceptions provided for by law). Those situations are as follows:

• if you contest the accuracy of the personal data we hold and we need to verify the situation;

• if your data has been unlawfully used and you oppose it being erased;

• when we no longer need your data, but you require it to establish, exercise or defend a legal claim

• if you have objected to the usage of your date and we are considering whether you have legitimate grounds to do so.

Right of data portability: You may ask us to provide a copy of your personal data that we hold (obtained either through your consent or because of a contractual arrangement you are party to) in a common, digitally-readable format. If it is reasonable and technically possible, we can also transfer your data directly to a third party of your choice, should you so wish.

Right to object: You can object to the usage or storage of your personal data at any time, as long as there is a legitimate interest. You will need to explain why you object, and we will stop using it, unless there are grounds to continue doing so. You can also object, at any time, to us using your data for marketing purposes and in this case you do not need to explain why and we will stop using your details immediately.

To exercise any of these rights or to request further information about them and how to exercise them, please contact us info@mateison.com

5. Modifications to the Privacy Policy

Mateison may need to make modifications to this Privacy Policy from time to time, for example, for technical reasons. The updated policy will be published on our website, so we suggest you occasionally check there to ensure you are aware of the latest version.



Mateison Ltd., (“Mateison”), and purchased by the final consumer (Buyer) through the website www.mateison.com (“Website”). The Buyer is required to read these terms of service made available by Mateison in the specific “Purchase Conditions” in “Terms of service” section on the Website before making any purchase. These Terms of service must be thoroughly reviewed by the buyer prior to completing a purchase order through the website. These Terms of service can be printed and stored by any person who has visited the Website. The submission by the Buyer of a purchase order (“Order”) for a product offered on the Website shall be deemed to constitute the full and unconditional acceptance of the Terms of service contained herein including the Terms of service and the Privacy Policy for the Website.

For the purposes of these Terms of service, the Buyer and Mateison are jointly referred to as (“Parties”).

The Terms of service can be changed at any time. Any changes and/or new general Terms of service will be in effect from the time of their publication on the Website sections - Terms of use, Purchase conditions. To this end we invite Buyers to regularly access the Website and verify the publication of the most up-to-date Terms of service. It is understood that the applicable Terms of service are those in force on the date the Buyer submits the purchase order.

All product prices are calculated including VAT, however, shipping price is calculated individually depending on delivery location. 

Once the products to be purchased have been chosen and put in the cart, the Buyer can Place an Order after viewing the Order summary screen containing chosen products, Buyer contact information and delivery address. Buyer will receive an email with placed order information as will Mateison receive information of placed order, Buyer and delivery address. 


In 1-2 working days Buyer will receive an email containing the final invoice with final prices of the ordered products including any shipping charges which were calculated based on information provided by the Buyer when order was placed. Received final invoice DOES NOT obligate Buyer to purchase products listed in final invoice. 

Placing an order DOES NOT mean or proceed to the chosen product’s purchase. It will lead to individual communication with the Buyer about the placed order to calculate the final price. 

If the Buyer is satisfied with the final invoice, Buyer confirms it by answering to the same email from which Buyer received the final invoice. After receiving an approval email from Mateison, Buyer makes a bank transfer according to the information provided in the final invoice. 

Once Mateison has received the bank transfer, Mateison will send by email to the Buyer a receipt of payment for the purchased products containing: a summary of information about the characteristics of the product purchased, a detailed itemisation of the price, and the means of payment used and shipping costs.

Before Buyer receives from Mateison final invoice Mateison has the right to accept or reject the placed order, or to accept it partially with regard to the quantity, giving notice to the email address the Buyer indicated at the time of Buyer placing the order within 1-2 working days of the Order being submitted.

Buyer must check and take full responsibility for additional custom fees applicable for the country to which order will be sent. Final invoice includes - product price with VAT and shipping. 


1. The products offered on the Website are available in unlimited quantity.

2. However, the Buyer acknowledge the possibility that a product listed as available on the Website may not be in stock. Production and delivery of the product may take from 4 to 12 weeks. In this situation, the Buyer will be informed via email about the production of his purchased product. Buyer will receive from Mateiso following emails: 

  • When all measurements and details about material are confirmed by the Buyer, Mateison will send an email confirmation that production process has started;
  • When production of the order has finished, Mateison will send an informative email that the order is ready to be collected by the shipping company.

3. Buyer can contact Mateison to receive information about approximate production time of chosen product BEFORE purchasing the order. 

NOTE: natural stone products differ from each other and there will never be two identical products as it is the specification of the natural stone material. For a more precise look of the material, please contact Mateison for additional pictures.

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