Not at all. Placing an order DOES NOT mean or proceed to the chosen product’s purchase. It will lead to individual communication with customers about the placed order to calculate the final price and answer additional questions via email.

Yes, in our factory we are able to create a product of any size you wish, for it to fit in your interior and designs. Just click on “Customize item” below the “Add to cart” and provide us with all necessary information about size and materials and we will get in touch with you to discuss your ideas.

Delivery is calculated individually based on location, size and weight of the order. Do not hesitate to write us a simple email and we will calculate the delivery price for you.

Approximate production and delivery time after payment confirmation is 4 - 12 weeks. However, you can contact us in advance to get more accurate production and delivery time before making a payment. If you already purchased our products, we will send you an email with all information regarding time, delivery and production status of your ordered products.

We advise you to check with your customs office to check if there are any additional tariffs which must be paid when importing products from Latvia.


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